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"We serve the greater need for crop stability in the agricultural industry."

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Company History

Climate-controlled greenhouses allow you to make the most of any growing season. We understand your crops require careful management, and therefore, manufacture leading-edge greenhouses that maximize your profits. While we started out small, we now operate as a full greenhouse builder, offering a range of custom greenhouse solutions for everyone from backyard DIYers to commercial, large-scale operations. Below, you'll find a brief history of our company.

Peter Fryn moved from Holland to Denver, Colorado and installed curtain systems at Euser Greenhouses and Veldkamps in Golden.

Peter came to California to install curtains at Diana Greenhouses and Yoshida Farms. He then started to sell Olimex machines and parts at P. H. Motors with help from Ronald Eveleens, the son of the founder of Olimex Holland.

Greenhouse System USA incorporated.

The company moved to Casserly Road, Watsonville.

We are still located on Casserly Road in Watsonville, California, and are now known as the premier builder of robust, climate-controlled greenhouses. We aim to serve the greater need for crop stability in the agricultural industry by specializing in custom commercial structures and prebuilt hobby units. We also offer full maintenance and upgrade services.